Last day in RJ

 Thank you everyone for reading my blog. It is my last day in RJ. Until Thursday, it seemed not so strange in town. But yesterday and today, the streets are so  filled with dranken people and tremendous sounds that I saw someone killed under the omnibuses. But everyone were laghing so loudly. Now I escaped a coolsome internet-cafe. 
 Now I could walk around alone. In the morning, I walk down the favela chatting people each other, and walk around downtown to central, and go back by the "Bondinho" tram.  After the short rest, I walk down anotherway through Santa Teresa where is very high-society living and beautiful aera, that I saw so many Jack Bauer. 
 And I reached to Lapa where is filled with music lokola Kinshasa. Drinking and eeing around the livehouses in Lapa, even after midnight, I can get 24 service of small bus called "Kombi". It is quite safe way to get around, entirely no problem.
 I do so I saw many concerts and bar-lives, participate with some rodas, and now I go ahead to a ensaio de brocos.
 I inform who wants to come here earlier that it is strongle recomended to bring here a mobilephone because public telephones are almost useless, that Prepayed Metrocard must not be inserted the gatemachine of the metro inspite of presence of the slit for the card. You must touch the machine with the card. If you insert the card, the machine drink it and no return, no refund., that Comprehensive information of the music scene is hardly availale because the scene is lively changed and burst up everyday. Pleny of music ezali awa. Truly, you cannot escape from music here. If you want to hear and see the music that you like, you must get some reliable friends and let you bring there. Lastly, I am staying Pousada Favelinha but it is not recommendavel because their staffs have no informations of the city especially music scene eveninside the favela inspite of the articles of their website. They are so rude that are drinking todo o dia y todos os dias. But the price is especially cheap, the security is OK, muiiiiito boa vista, it is enough for me. But someone else may be not able to stick. I will depart to Salvador by 27 hours driving bus !!
ate logo !!
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NY plus

 Sorry, I forgot to write aout an important event in NY. I met Kako who married with a Jamaican-American husband. She has been our cherish idol all of us were praised her. I feel so pleasant to see her. They are living in Brooklyn, brought me to the church of CCC, so many black peoples came here. She is a singer of the Gospel quire, and the backing band is very very good. after the service, we went to the Jamaican restaurant and ate too too much mingi very well. It was a very peaceful time. ...Sunday 1/24
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Rio de Janeiro

 I have arrived to Rio de Janeiro with many troubles according from misjudgement by the airport office and policia. But now I am OK. Travel is used to e troubled.
 OK, I leaved NY without any problems. Now I have times enough to write about events in USA and here, RJ.
 1/22-26, I stayed in NY. I had some times to see good musics. I met Lee Konitz in the famous Village Vanguard. I met very good black-jazz band at Lenox Lounge in Harlem. And I have sevral groupes in the "Village" but they were not so good. I stayed in Harlem, almost peoples lives here are black, and they are very friendly. Even poor homeless people helped me very well. I went the "West Harlem" many Spanish speeking immigrantes lives, I can enjoyed so many latin music and latin culture. After that I went to the north end of the Manhattan where is no police control and filled with the Illegal immigrantes from Dominica and Haiti... I ate with them very good taste. In New York, I felt the difference between the tribes, so called, for example, difference between the "african-americans" and africans immigrated from africa. I felt dificulties of the co-presence of plural races of the world in spite of caled that NY is meltingpot of the human-races.
 1/26, I got Amtrak to Washington, and see the "capital" of the world and went out left them before.
 On the same day, I passed Sao Paulo, escaped hardly from dense flud, reached to RJ, but I don't want to write aout prolems in the airport and outside. But I inform you that publicphones in RJ are almost all functionless !! OK, I go ahead. I met Pikari who is the best drummer in Osaka. She rought me to the recommended live-bar and private roda de samba in the Praia Vermelha. There we participated in the roda, I played Balde, it is merely tinpan with so many sizzles but sounds vary vary good. They praised me very much mingi. I am staying in Favela, from my room I can see the very good view of the RJ, Pao de azucar, here so secure and lively, filled with mixed-coloured people, various types of faces... I saw so many Maria Betanhas and Caetano Velosos but never seen Joao Gilberto. I walked around nd get ancient Bondinho, see cheap market arcadesand Musical instruments shops... RJ... so beautiful.
 I feel now in RJ, the wonderfulness of the co-living of the many tribes. I cease now, please appologize me aout my poor English. Read between the lines and words. Thank you !!
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  I arrived no problem, I wrote a plenty of articles arrived no problem, I wrote a plenty of articles but all of them have gone in vain. I but all of them have gone in vain. I want waiste no more time so I dont write blog. Sorry...
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迫力を増す !!




1/22 Osaka (ALL Nippon Airways NH2176)- Narita (NH10)- New York (USA)

 1/22-25 New York 宿泊先: http://ilovedormitory.com/

1/25 NY (Amtrak)- Washington (United Airlines UA861)- 1/26 Sao Paulo (GOL GS7457)- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

 1/26-31 Rio de Janeiro 宿泊先: http://www.favelinha.com/

 2/01-07 Salvador 宿泊先: http://www.pousadapaistropical.com.br/

 2/08-18 Recife 宿泊先: ひみつ

2/18 Recife (GOL G31667)- Sao Paulo (South African Airways SA223)- 2/19 -Johanesburg (South Africa)

 2/19-22 Johanesburg 宿泊先: http://www.sowetobackpackers.com/

2/22 Johanesburg (South African Airways SA50)- Kinshasa (R.D. Congo)

 2/22-3/22 Kinshasa (Malu Aviation)- Inongo- Mbandaka- Kisantu- Kinshasa 宿泊先未定

3/22 Kinshasa (South African Airways SA51)- Johanesburg (Egyptair MS840)- 3/23 Cairo (Egypt)

 3/23-25 Cairo 宿泊先未定

3/25 Cairo (Egyptair MS755)- Lisboa (Portugal)

 3/25-28 Lisboa 宿泊先未定

3/28 Lisboa (Turkish Airlines TK1760)- Istanbul (Turky)

 3/28-31 Istanbul 宿泊先未定

3/31-4/01 Istanbul (Turkish Airlines TK46)- Osaka


 一応、Star Allianceの「Round the World」チケットは上のように予約したのであるが、旅にトラブルはつきものである。なによりもまずコンゴに入ってからの予定は立てようがないうえに、生還出来るかどうかも含めて、それ以降の予定は変わる可能性が高い。幸運にも生きて脱出出来た暁には、ポルトガルとトルコが大変楽しそうなので、確実に日延べする。しかし、ジャガイモの植え付けまでには戻ろうと思っているので、なるべく4/10くらいには帰って来るように努力する。

 道中、インターネットの繋がる場所で、なるべくこのブログを更新するようにしたいとは思っているので、時々遊びに来て下さい。しかし現地のパソコンが表示も入力も日本語に対応していない事も考えられるので、コメントをお返しいただく場合は、なるべくローマ字かリンガラ語でお願いします。もっともアクセス・ポイントに不自由するのはコンゴ奥地へ赴いて後である。特にMayi-Ndombe周遊の旅 (Inongo- Mbandaka間)・コンゴ河船下りの旅 (Mbandaka- Kinshasa間)は、先ず確実にアクセス出来ない。もし途中Lac Tumbaの環境保護団体CAPRE http://carpe.umd.edu/ の事務所からアクセス出来れば1週間後、Mbandakaの街にネットカフェがあれば、その数日後にもアクセス出来るであろう。そもそもなんでこんな旅をしようとしとるかについては、こちらを参照されたし。





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